Chamber: Donor to supply corn for Sweet Corn Festival

MENDOTA – The Mendota Area Chamber of Commerce (MACC) is issuing this statement to clarify the questions and concerns that have arisen in the last several months regarding Mendota’s annual Sweet Corn Festival.

With the upcoming closing of Del Monte Foods, the following concerns and questions have been voiced: Will there be a Sweet Corn Festival? Where will they get the sweet corn?

The Mendota Chamber of Commerce Executive Directors along with the Board of Directors have been working diligently to make sure that the Annual Sweet Corn Festival will continue to have hot buttered sweet corn along with fresh sweet corn throughout the weekend.

MACC would like to thank the donor who has agreed to provide our festival with sweet corn this year as well as upcoming years. For certain reasons, this donor has asked for anonymity at this time.

We hope to see all of you Aug. 6-9 for the 73rd annual Mendota Sweet Corn Festival.


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