Powerful storm causes destruction in Mendota


MENDOTA - A powerful storm ripped through Mendota just after the start of the work day on Aug. 11, bringing down numerous trees and power lines throughout the city.

The skies darkened to the west around 8 a.m., and soon after, the city's tornado siren sounded. That was followed by torrential rain and strong winds. The siren sounded a second time and more rain and wind descended upon Mendota.

When the storm passed, it had unleashed destruction throughout the city with trees down wherever the eye could see. Power was knocked out over much of the city, and some places were still without electricity days after the storm.

Cleanup began immediately with the sound of chainsaws and generators echoing all over town.

Structural damage was minor and there were no reported injuries.

The storm came a year and a day after a derecho pounded Mendota, causing similar damage.