Spring cleaning begins at Chaplin Creek Village

FRANKLIN GROVE – The Franklin Grove Area Historical Society met April 9 at the Winifred Knox Library.

It was agreed upon to prioritize improvements to the Chaplin Creek Village: spring cleaning of the Chaplin Creek Village campus; completion of the chapel; tear down the lean-to and move the white garage behind the blacksmith; and repair and paint the barn.

They are seeking volunteers to assist with sprucing up the Village campus. They will be working there Saturday, April 27, at 9 a.m.

The estimate given for completing the chapel is approximately $66,000. That would include foundation, electrical, floor, insulation for walls and ceiling, siding, galvanized roof, HVAC, bell tower and contingency. It is hoped when completed the chapel, and possibly together with the gazebo and large barn, may serve as a wedding venue for rental.

A film crew submitted $300 for filming at the Village on March 29.

It was announced that Rose Shafer and Lynn Asp have donated money towards completing the chapel.

Lois Calhoun has donated $2,000 for upkeep of the salt-box house.

The Society is searching for a local group to participate in the Summer Harvest Festival. Vicky Horton is procuring participants for the Harvest Fest. Any crafters/vendors interested should contact her at (815) 440-8595.

The Harvest Festival honoree this coming August will be Delbert Shafer.

The music festival that was in the planning stage for this coming September has been canceled.