Truckenbrod Farm marks 100 years

Centennial Farm status recognized by State of Illinois


SUBLETTE - Larry Truckenbrod is happy to announce that his Sublette Farm became a Centennial Farm this year. The farm was purchased by Larry’s grandfather, John Truckenbrod on Feb. 21, 1921 and it then passed to Larry’s dad, Norvel Truckenbrod. After Norvel’s death, the farm went into a trust for brothers, Larry, Stan and Sid.

Larry purchased the farm from his brothers and in 2007, he built a new home on the family farm where he resides today. The only original building still standing is an old tool shed and time had damaged most of the original trees, so Larry planted several new ones.

Larry relates the story of a mishap that occurred when he was 3 years old and fell into the farm well. Larry’s father rescued him with a ladder but when they reached the top, Larry slipped out of his father’s hands and fell back into the well. His mother, who was pregnant with their second child, Alice dropped to her knees and prayed. The second rescue attempt was successful and Larry only sustained a lump on his jaw. It was deemed a miracle that such a small child could keep floating in 12 feet of water.

Larry’s farm received recognition this year during the Illinois State Fair when his name and those of all of the farms that acquired Centennial status this year were read to commemorate this milestone. Larry also received a sign for his yard and a certificate.