Paw Paw Village Board swears in new trustees at May meeting


PAW PAW - Karl Karlsson, Donna Chick, Anita Hopkins and Pete Bullock were seated as the newly-elected trustees during the May 12 meeting of the Paw Paw Village Board.

The Paw Paw Community Fire Protection District has requested TIF funds to be used in the purchase of a new fire truck. They are in the process of acquiring a 2021 tanker/pumper, which will replace an aging unit with engine issues. Rather than continue to spend resources on an older truck, the new truck will be a hybrid of a new chassis and the existing tank, radios, etc. The new truck will benefit the residents of the District with a quicker and more reliable delivery of water and the ability to spray water at a considerable distance. This will allow them to safely extinguish flames at a distance in hazardous situations and also to operate with less manpower when volunteers are unavailable.

The cost of the truck project will be approximately $147,000. The PPCFPD is requesting $50,000 from the Village TIF reserves to help with this expense.

A request by the District to hire a second full-time EMT was granted by the Village Board. The District will now be covered 12 hours per day, seven days per week with at least one EMT.

Two residents expressed frustration at the unsightly, unkempt properties around town. They were informed that legal proceedings are in process.

A new deputy will be riding with the assigned Lee County Sheriff’s Deputy to familiarize himself with the local area and its needs.

The Lions Club will present a fireworks display on the Sunday evening of Paw Paw’s Labor Day Weekend Celebration. They have requested a donation from the Village to help cover the $5,000 cost. A donation of $2,500 was approved.