Kish College offers summer classes for university students

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MALTA – Each year, about 6,000 students take classes at Kishwaukee College. Most are either enrolled in the Career Technology programs or are taking their first two years of a university program before transferring on to complete their bachelor’s degree. But in the summer, Kish is host to students who are home from their four-year institution. These students take courses over the summer at Kishwaukee that they then transfer back to their respective universities. It is a strategy that saves them time and money as they pursue their educational goals.

Most four-year colleges and universities have a general education requirement that students must complete, a selection of coursework in a variety of disciplines: quantitative reasoning, communication, humanities, social science, and the sciences. The “Gen Eds” are usually required, regardless of a student’s major. Many students clear a few Gen Ed requirements over the summer at Kishwaukee while they are home.

According to Institutional Research at Kishwaukee College, about 48 percent of the students enrolled at Kish for summer-only in 2015 transferred the credit they earned back to their four-year institutions. The College participates in the Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) so students who attend four-year institutions in-state can check on the transferability of their coursework before they register. All students can check with their academic advisors at their home institutions or meet with a counselor/advisor at Kishwaukee College to check on transferability.

Registration for summer at Kishwaukee College is currently in progress. For information on enrollment and registration, contact Enrollment Services at (815) 825-9375 or at [email protected] or visit