Mendota netters continue excellent play


The Mendota Lady Trojans kept up their winning ways on the tennis court with a 5-0 shutout victory over Kewanee on Aug. 31 at the MHS courts.

Alex Stremlau and Alexis Finley rolled to easy wins in their singles matches, while the doubles teams of Lizzy Bresley-Zoe Finley, Jackie Cortez-KayLee Barkman and Talya Schwaegerman-Isabelle Escatel did the same.

Aug. 31

Mendota 5, Kewanee 0

Singles: No. 1 – Alex Stremlau (M) def. Davis (K), 6-1, 6-0; No. 2 – Alexis Finley (M) def. Hufford (K), 6-3, 6-1

Doubles: No. 1 – Lizzy Bresley-Zoe Finley (M) def. Castillo-Maxon (K), 6-0, 6-1; No. 2 – Jackie Cortez-KayLee Barkman (M) def. Goffrier-Ince (K), 6-0, 6-0; No. 3 – Talya Schwaegerman-Isabelle Escatel (M) def. Martinez-Sanchez (K), 6-2, 7-5


The Lady Trojans seized second-place honors in the Coal City Tournament on Sept. 4.

The host school claimed the tournament title, while Princeton and East Aurora also participated.

In singles play, Stremlau took second place at No. 1 and Alexis Finley also finished second at No. 2.

In doubles, MHS’s No. 1 team of Zoe Finley-Bresley was third, the No. 2 team of Barkman-Cortez swept through their three matches to win the championship, while the No. 3 duo of Schwaegerman-Escatel took second place.

Sept. 4 - Coal City Tournament

1. Coal City; 2. Mendota; 3. Princeton; 4. East Aurora.


No. 1 – Stremlau (M) def. Winner (P), 10-1; Stremlau (M) def. Galindo (EA), 10-9; Stiles (CC) def. Stremlau (M), 10-4;

No. 2 – A. Finley (M) def. Merkel (P), 10-3; Finley (M) def. Uriostegui (EA), 10-0; Barrus (CC) def. Finley (M), 10-1.


No. 1 – Flores-Stiles (CC) def. Z. Finley-Bresley (M), 10-7; Finley-Bresley (M) def. Alvarado-Andrade (EA), 10-1; Alter-Davis (P) def. Finley-Bresley (M), 10-3

No. 2 – Barkman-Cortez (M) def. Nelson-Thornton (P), 10-1; Barkman-Cortez (M) def. Tovar-Ruiz (EA), 10-1; Barkman-Cortez (M) def. Solis-Jackson (CC), 10-5

No. 3 – Hall-Esparza (CC) def. Schwaegerman-Escatel (M), 10-9; Schwaegerman-Escatel (M) def. Schneider-Ward (P), 10-3; Schwaegerman-Escatel (M) def. K. Alcantara-Y. Alcantara (EA), 10-1