Interact Club brings Christmas to MHS



Staff writer

MENDOTA – "Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas" wasn't said by Santa Claus when people walked into the Mendota High School cafeteria on Nov. 30, but the cheerful, jolly spirit was there at the MHS Interact Holiday Craft Quest.

"It was a great night; it was really awesome. The idea for the event came from the minds of the Interact Club students," said Alisa Stewart, a teacher in the science department who also leads the Interact Club. "They wanted to do something fun with kids. This year our goal with the Interact Club is to have four big projects. The first one would be to serve in the community, second is to serve in the school, third is to serve the country, and fourth is to serve the world.

"This was the project they chose to do to serve the school because it was a fundraiser for the art department. It really came out nicely because it wasn't just the Interact Club that got involved. The art department, the consumer education department, family and consumer science, and the agriculture department were all involved. It was a whole school project in my opinion."  

All visitors had the opportunity to work at six different stations. At one station, candy cane ornaments were being made, while Christmas tree refrigerator magnets, snowman ornaments, decorating cookies, painting ceramic plates, and decorating bags were done at the other stations.

"It was all put together by the kids. They really did all of the work. All the events we've done this year, the students have built, planned, and ran," Stewart said. "I'm the guide on the side there for questions and to lead in the right direction. They decided everything with this event including what the stations were going to be and what the ornaments were going to be."

The bags carried all of the goodies out the cafeteria door except the ceramic plates as they will be fired in the kiln by the art department and will be ready for pick-up on Dec. 14.

"It was really sweet watching the big kids work with the little kids," said Stewart. "There were a lot of the plates that said, 'To Nana.' I don't care how old you are, that's cute and adorable. I love getting homemade gifts from my kids."