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Girl Scouts begin two initiatives to serve girls, consumers, and communities during COVID-19 crisis

NORTHERN ILLINOIS — Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) recently announced a new resource to serve girls and consumers during this time of crisis and isolation.

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L.S. Co. Genealogy Guild April meeting canceled

OTTAWA – The LaSalle County Genealogy Guild meeting with Rob Borsohenillis scheduled for Saturday, April 18 has been canceled.

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V. Joeger birthday to celebrate 90th birthday

PERU - Virginia Joerger will celebrate her 90th birthday on April 8.

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Bathing our furry friends can reduce COVID-19 transmission

The rapid and dynamic spread of COVID-19 necessitates that we all make changes to our lifestyles, including important measures such as social distancing, increased hygiene, and maintaining a sanitized environment. Pet owners may need to take additional precautions because, while there is currently no evidence that pets can contract COVID-19, a pet’s body, like any other frequently touched surface, may carry particles of the virus if touched by infected individuals.

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