Village to update website

SUBLETTE — The Village of Sublette’s website will soon be updated after the village board approved hiring a website administrator.

The board met on June 12 at the Ellice Dinges Center. All members except trustee Richard Klaser were present.

Village President Michael Vaessen told the board he had approached Kourtney Vaessen to do website administration for the village. He recommended to the board that this be a paid position at $25 per time the site is updated. A motion to approve the hiring of Kourtney Vaessen as website administrator was approved.

Water tower cleaning

Trustee Larry Leffelman reported that Putnam City Painting Inc., was able to start cleaning the water tower and began the job on Monday. He said the total cost for the project, including interior and exterior cleaning, would be about $9,500. The board approved the expenditure.

In other board news:

  • Hydrant flushing will take place during the week of June 26-30.
  • The board discussed the idea of either a new maintenance building at a new location, or trying to remodel the existing maintenance building.

“It’s time to do something,” Michael Vaessen said. “Either fix it or replace it.”

Trustee Laura Jackson asked if there was a way to do both, adding that the steel beams in the building are really cool.

Michael Vaessen said the building is close to 100 years old and that it needs a lot of work. He added that he estimates a new building will cost about $100,000 and that it would cost about $20,000 to tear down the current building.

Jackson recommended looking at all of the options available.

Michael Vaessen requested that the issue be addressed at the property committee and then a decision be brought to the board.

  • The board also talked about street projects for this year. Due to how late it is in the year, Michael Vaessen recommended the streets committee get together and formulate a plan for as early as next year that would include curb, gutters, widening of the streets and redoing the drainage.

The next Sublette Village Board meeting will be held at 7 p.m., on Monday, July 10, at the Ellice Dinges Center.