Village of Sublette adds new equipment

SUBLETTE — The Village of Sublette is adding two new pieces of equipment to the village.

The Sublette Village Board met on June 10 in the Ellice Dinges Center. All board members were present.

The board first approved a motion to purchase a 2015 Dodge Ram 4500 as its new plow truck. The truck comes with a flatbed on the back and stainless-steel V-Plow. The four-wheel drive vehicle is at Prescott Brothers, but is being purchased through Vaessen Brothers Chevrolet in Sublette. The total cost of the truck is $34,400.

The second purchase is of a Hydro Tek pressure washer. The board approved the motion to purchase the pressure washer for $4,095.

In other board news:

• Don Dinges gave a written report to the board on economic development. He wrote that the US Air Force Band will be giving a performance in Sublette in September as part of the concert in the park.

• Sublette Village Board President Michael Vaessen said that the village is going to be looking for a trustee replacement at a future date, as Sublette Village Trustee Laura Jackson has purchased a home outside of the village. He added that both himself, and his wife, Brenda, who is the Village of Sublette Clerk, are done with their elected positions in two years. He said when the trustee position comes open, that perhaps that person would be interested in being President and/or Village Clerk as well.

• Sublette Village Trustee John Stenzel said the village clean-up went very well. He said it was a successful event and thanks everyone who helped. Stenzel also asked about the village website and how it has not been updated. He said if people will send him items for the website, he will work on getting it updated.

The next Sublette Village Board meeting will be held at 7 p.m., on Monday, July 8, in the Ellice Dinges Center.