Sweet Corn Fest street closings begin Aug. 7

MENDOTA - The Mendota Area Chamber of Commerce thanks city residents for their cooperation in working with committees for the Sweet Corn Festival and for welcoming new visitors to our community. They hope any inconvenience will be minimal.

Street closing schedule:

Tuesday, Aug. 7

Noon - Main Street from Washington to 8th Street (this includes the Illinois Central parking lot along Main Street) and Jefferson from Main to Illinois.

Wednesday, Aug. 8

1 p.m. – Rt. 34 detour will be in place. Vehicles will be detoured onto 5th Street to Rt. 251 instead of using Rt. 34 through the downtown area. NO PARKING is allowed on the entire detour route.

6 p.m. - Washington Street from Main to Indiana, Illinois from Washington to Jefferson, Jefferson from Illinois to Indiana and 8th Avenue from Washington to 6th Street. You will still be able to exit from the Midland States Bank ATM site at the main bank and go south on 8th street or onto 6th Street.

Thursday, Aug. 9

5 a.m. - The Washington/Indiana Avenue/Veterans Way intersection; Washington from Indiana to Pennsylvania and Illinois Avenue north of the Jefferson Street/Illinois Avenue intersection for half of the block.

Saturday, Aug. 11

5 a.m. – Indiana from Washington to Jefferson and Veterans Way south from Washington to 6th Street will be closed for the duration of the festival. Illinois Avenue from Jefferson to Monroe will also close at this time.

The north side of 6th street alongside Veterans Park and the east side of 9th Avenue for one block south of Veterans Park will be no parking areas, allowing traffic to flow easier in these areas.

Accessible parking will be available in front of the police station located at 607 8th Ave.

Accessible parking for the parade will be at the intersection of Washington Street and Wisconsin Avenue. ESDA will set up this area on Sunday, Aug. 14.

Your cooperation is appreciated and needed for the tremendous benefit the Festival is for tourism in this area, as well as for the financial benefits to the non-profit clubs, organizations and businesses.

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