Sublette Village Board discusses railing repair/replacement



SUBLETTE — On the agenda for the Sublette Village Board meeting was the approval of repairing/replacing the railing and the concrete on Main Street. But after some discussion, mostly on the large cost of the project, the matter was turned back over to committee to review.

The Board met July 11 at the Ellice Dinges Center. Sublette Village President John Stenzel was absent. Sublette Village Trustee Julie Kessel ran the meeting in Stenzel’s absence.

Sublette Village Trustee Robert Bulfer presented the board with estimates he received for repairing/replacing the railing and the concrete on Main Street. Bulfer said one bid came in at $104,000 and that was to replace the railing and square posts with stainless steel. Another bid for $64,000 was to take down broken railing and put new railing up. A bid to do the cement patching, cleaning up the cracks, drill and add rebar came in around $9,200.

Sublette Village Trustee Jeff Myers said that that was a lot of money, and that the village doesn’t know what’s coming down the pike for the future.

Kessel recommended returning the matter back over to committee because it was a lot of money for the village to commit to.

“I admit it’s a lot of money,” Bulfer said. “But if someone leans on the railing and it falls over, that’s going to be a lot of money too.”

Sublette Village Trustee Larry Ellis said the village it still looking into how much it’s going to cost to repair/replace the roof at the Ellice Dinges Center.

Myers recommended finding out how much of the railing needed to be fixed before the committee meeting.

In other board news:

  • Don Dinges told the board that the upcoming one-day tractor drive will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 3. He said they have a wagon with seats for people to ride on furnished by Green River Oaks Camping. Other upcoming events include Hops and Harmony on Sept. 3, Pullin in the Park on Sept. 11, and the car show on Sept. 17. Dinges said they are looking to reschedule a cruise night because the event in May was rained out. He said they are still looking at dates for a night for Sip and Stroll and Drive Your Truck to Town.

Dinges also reported that the state of Illinois is looking into placing a historical marker in Sublette in honor of Dr. Angear and the Twilight Sleep Hospital.

  • The board sent the matter of updating the bathrooms and fixing the roof of the Ellice Dinges Center to committee.
  • The board approved the purchase of a new refrigerator for the Ellice Dinges Center in the amount of $597.
  • The board approved the purchase of four tons of cold patch for the ruts by the park dumpster.
  • Kessel said that Stenzel left a note asking the board to consider a water rate increase. The last increase was approved on Aug. 9, 2010 at $4.80 per 1,000 gallons.

The next Sublette Village Board meeting will be held on Monday, Aug. 8, at the Ellice Dinges Center.