Sublette village board discusses public safety issues


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SUBLETTE — The Sublette Village Board discussed some public safety issues during its meeting on July 13 at the Ellice Dinges Center. All board members were present except for Sublette Village Trustee Jeff Myers.

Acting Village President John Stenzel said that he had received a few calls from concerned residents about unlicensed drivers of UTVs and golf carts. Stenzel told the board that he reached out to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office about the concerns, because Sublette doesn’t have its own police department.

Stenzel told the board that anyone can call the sheriff’s office if they see kids without licenses driving that equipment, or see someone not driving safely. He added that when calling the sheriff’s office, to be sure to describe where they are and what they are doing.

“We don’t want anyone to get seriously hurt,” Stenzel said.

Sublette Village Board Trustee Julie Kessel told the board that people have reported having their doorbell rang in the middle of the night, and no one is there. Don Dinges said that happened at his house too, once at midnight and another night at 4 a.m. Stenzel recommended that residents call the sheriff’s department for that as well.

Stenzel told the board that only one rental is in the books for the Ellice Dinges Center, a birthday party in September. He asked the board if the village should look at not holding any rentals at the Ellice Dinges Center until November for now. Stenzel asked that the issue be addressed in committee and reported back to the board.

In other board news:

  • Dinges reported that the annual tractor drive held in August has been canceled.
  • Stenzel said he spoke with the Illinois Department of Transportation and as of right now, Route 52 is scheduled to be let by March and completed by next summer. Previously, Stenzel said IDOT said that Route 52 would not be fixed for three years. Stenzel also said IDOT will place a sign as people drive into Sublette that will be in honor of Margaret Vaessen being elected to the post of State FFA Treasurer.
  • Stenzel said he had gotten calls about residents wanting more than the one 95-gallon tote for garbage, and not wanting to pay for the additional totes. He told the board the cost for the additional totes is $3.50 per month, and he said he believes that the residents should pay for the additional totes. He also told the board that the garbage totes stay with the property. Meaning, if someone moves out of town, the garage tote stays with the property.

The next Sublette Village Board meeting will be held at 7 p.m., on Monday, Aug. 10, at the Ellice Dinges Center.


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