Sublette Village Board approves six motions


Staff writer

SUBLETTE – The Aug. 14 Sublette Village Board meeting saw a little bit of everything including six motions being approved.

The motion was made by Village Trustee Bob Bulfer to approve a temporary liquor license for Sublette 365 during the village event, Hops & Harmony, on Sept 2 at the Sublette Centennial Park. Trustee Rick Klaser seconded, and trustees Julie Kessel, Larry Ellis, and Scott Hanson approved.

Bulfer made a motion to approve waiving the bidding and soliciting of prices for companies to complete water tower inspection and cleaning. Ellis seconded; all approved.

Hanson made a motion to approve a contractor to clean and inspect the water tower, interior and exterior. The cost will be $7,300 for the interior and $7,300 for the exterior, equaling a total price of $14,600. The village’s budget for the project is $12,000. Ellis and Klaser seconded; all approved.

Kessel approved to solicit prices for repair or replace work to curb stops and/or water services. Bulfer seconded; all approved.

Kessel also made a motion to approve water and garbage billing costs for gWorks, which bought out UB Max, to run through TEST Inc. The contract for the program will run for four years and includes costs per month and for installation. The one-time installation price is $1,080, the first-year costs $1,380, the second year will be $1,421.40, third year $1,464, and the fourth year will be $1,507.92. The total price tag for the four-year water and garbage program will be $6,853.32. Klaser seconded; all approved.

Kessel’s third and fourth motions at the meeting were on the Village Message Board. She made a motion for the committee to spend no more than $500 on having the board repairs appraised. The second board motion was for the committee to make a decision on whether or not to repair the Village Message Board after prices for the board were gathered. Hanson said he contacted the Watch Fire Company, closest branch is in Rockford, about coming to look at the board. Sending an appraiser would cost $400-500 to look at the board. The message board has been installed for 12 ½ years. Parts for the board will be discontinued after 15 years. There was a $1,000 donation made by the Sublette Business Association. Hanson seconded; all approved.

After motions and approvals took place, the meeting was open for concerns to be made.

Former Sublette Mayor Michael Vaessen voiced his concern about the village’s snow shovel removal program downtown. He owns a building, which is rented to a tenant. The tenant doesn’t want to pay for the shoveling because of complaints with the service. Vaessen doesn’t think the property owner should have to pay for the service.

During the meeting, it was discussed the village will discuss cancelling the service and having tenants or property owners shovel their own snow. Vaessen agreed that this would solve the problem. However, the board would have to make motions and the topic would have to be approved but it couldn’t be done at the Aug. 14 meeting.

Sublette Village lawyer, Dana Considine, later told the board that the city ordinance states paying for shoveling snow removal, which is done by Rick’s Lawn Service, is the responsibility of the property owner.

Another concern was addressed by Linda Klaser as she spoke on the village’s property not being properly kept. She pointed out problems she sees with the Ellice Dinges Center including a drop between the doorway and the sidewalk at the EDC front door, unsealed blacktop, parking lot in bad shape, issues with the toilet and the door not staying closed at the Rt. 52 park restroom facilities, and picnic tables needing to be replaced.

President of the Board John Stenzel directed the matter to Ellis, who is in charge of village property, the EDC, and parks, in order to come up with a plan to look into the issues Klaser addressed.

In other meeting news, the annual Tractor Drive was canceled in honor of Dennis Dallam, who passed away after being involved with the drive for many years.

Ordinance violations on three properties were discussed.

The Tim Bonnell residence, 202 W. 1st St., has been making payments on the ordinances, $3,500 in total, but didn’t make his Aug. 4 payment. The judge could hold in contempt.

Hector Velazquez at 108 W. 3rd St. hasn’t been found as complaints toward the property began in March 2015 and ordinance fees have reached $8,000. Sublette paid $450 for a demolition appraiser to look at the house, which gave a figure of $119,000.

However, Hector’s cousin has been making repairs to the home as broken windows have been replaced and siding redone. Since there have been improvements and actual work done to the property, the board decided to wait on any further rulings.