Sublette Board handles items of business


Staff writer

SUBLETTE – The Sublette Village Board’s agenda became a little smaller after the May 8 village meeting as motions were filed and actions were put in place.

Here are the motions, actions, community information shared at the last meeting.

Expenses 2022

After the Pledge of Allegiance and Sublette Village Board member roll call, Sublette Treasurer Will Klein announced Sublette account balances and expenses for 2022, which had to be filed by April 30.

The village expenses, which included replacing lights on Main Street, roofing and toilet repairs in village buildings, new outdoor railings, and more, totaled $54,031.64.

Economic and Beautification

Economic Development and Beautification Chair Julie Kessel addressed a committee meeting that took place on May 2. At the meeting, the village message board was discussed, and it was decided it would remain on the property of Leffelman Automotive after new owner said he is fine with it remaining where it is.

The committee also agreed to pay BLH Construction $5,090.06 to construct bike racks.

Two bids have been received by businesses to clean the Sublette water tower.

New businesses in Sublette

Don Dinges, the Sublette economic development coordinator, reported he spoke to the owners of two new Sublette businesses – T&R Sales and Orzech Auto Truck and Tow – and stated they are happy with their receptions.

Dinges also spoke with representatives from the camps of Illinois State Senator Win Stoller and Illinois House Representative Bradley Fritts as both said they would attend a village information night.

The St. Ambrose University reunion that was held in Sublette last summer is coming back to La Fiesta as St. Ambrose contacted Dinges and said last year’s turnout welcomes another reunion to the village.

Board reports

Trustee MacKenzie Belan made a motion for Sublette to pay the one-time $100 fee to the Illinois Department of Transportation to keep the message board in its current location. Without the IDOT permit, there can’t be any advertising on the message board. Kessel seconded and all trustees agreed.

Trustee Larry Ellis made a motion to pay $5,906 to BLH Construction to pour two cement pads (one 10x10 for the Christmas tree) and cut the sidewalk for the West Main project. It was seconded by Bob Bulfer. Richard Klaser nayed, but the motion passed.

John Stenzel began his Sublette Village President address by clarifying that he did not call the Illinois Department of Natural Resources about UTVs in Sublette. He has been approached about the problem of UTVs being driven in the village, but he did not call the DNR to initiate tickets.

Stenzel also spoke on the village board movement being addressed in 2017 without action, information night not having a set date, and the Sublette Memorial Day program set for 11 a.m. on May 28.

Trustee Bob Bulfer made the motion for $9,545 be paid for 17 pothole locations to be cleaned and repaired. Ellis seconded and all agreed.

Stenzel had a list of positions for appointed officials. With Katie Leffelman resigning as the village clerk, Stenzel appointed MaKenzie Kessel to take over duties for the rest of Leffelman’s term, June 1, 2023 to April 30, 2025. Ellis motioned, Klaser seconded, Bob Bulfer nayed, and Julie Kessel abstained.

All trustees agreed to appoint Dana Considine of Ehrmann, Gehlbach, Badger & Considine to be the village attorney, Don Dinges as the economic development coordinator, Arch, Hopkins & Associates as the certified public accountant, and MaKenzie Kessel as the freedom of information officer.

The board also agreed to appointing Chris Leffelman, Steve Althaus, Will Klein, Tyler Jackson, Greg Vaessen, and Katie Leffelman to the Sublette Centennial Park Board; Hugh McCoy, Jeff Spitz, and Joe Klein to the Sublette Planning Commission; and Maurice Zimmerlein, Anthony Morgan, Mark Henkel, Jeremy Zapf, Evan Bickett, and John Stenzel to the Sublette Antique Tractor and Toy Show Board.

After the appointments, Stenzel addressed the Sublette Antique Tractor and Toy Show giving out five scholarships this year. The scholarships will go to a member of the Amboy FFA, the Mendota FFA, the Maytown Comets, and the Sublette Indians, while the fifth will be awarded to an Amboy High School stewartship in memory of Dean Stephenitch.

The toy show will also pay $250 to both the Mendota FFA and Woodhaven Lakes, $500 to the Sublette EDC and Sublette Township Community Building, and $1,000 to the Sublette Park Board for tables, chairs, and help with the annual antique tractor and toy show.