Solo & ensemble results announced by MHS

MENDOTA - Mendota High School has announced the results of the IHSA 2020 Solo and Ensemble competition.

Five Best of Day awards were presented to MHS students. They include Emilio Raya, vocal solo; “A-Roving” bass ensemble (Grenter, Harris, Nanez, Raya, Preciado, Stamberger, Ensor, DeLong); “Autumn Gives Her Hand to Winter” treble ensemble (Anderson, Daugaard, Bodine, Ross, Bresley, Holland, Eddy, Montalvo); “Verbum caro factum est” madrigal ensemble; and tuba/euphonium quartet (Collins, Stamberger, J. Hermosillo, Compell).


Band students participated in 27 events. Receiving a 1st place rating were Piper Artman, flute solo; Andy Rivera, tenor sax solo; Leilani Landeros, alto sax solo; Lily Delgado, bass clarinet solo; Angelique Baker, horn solo; Eve McDowell, bassoon solo; Ashleigh Collins, euphonium solo; Brass Choir; Clarinet Choir; Percussion Choir; Woodwind Choir; Flute Quintet (Ambler, Artman, Nosalik, Olivas, Grenter); Clarinet Quartet (Finley, Ross, Bodmer, Bresley); Clarinet Quartet (Cortez, Dewey, Olivas, Preciado); Saxophone Quintet (R. Salinas, Linden, Hermosillo, Rivera, Nanez); Saxophone Trio (Hall, Landeros, Linden); Brass Quintet (DeLong, Finley, Pappas, A. Brandner, Compell); Trumpet Trio (Kunz, Bustos, Hanson); Tuba-Euphonium Quartet (Stamberger, Collins, Hermosillo, Compell); Euphonium Quartet (Miars, Arjes, Giberson, Zimmerman); Trombone Quartet (Schillinger, McGann, Landeros, Arteaga); and Trombone Quartet (Landgraf, Brandner, Ensor, Stamberger).

Students receiving a 2nd place rating were Clarinet Duet (Finley, Ross); Clarinet Duet (Bodmer, Bresley); Trumpet Quintet (DeLong, Finley, Stremlau, Setchell, Brandner); Angel Montalvo, bass clarinet solo; and Parker Manning, xylophone solo.


Choir students participated in 31 events. Receiving a 1st place rating were Treble Ensembles, “Morning Moon,” “The Prayer of the Children,” “The Gift To Be Simple,” “Autumn Gives Her Hand to Winter,” “Away from the Roll of the Sea,” “The Violet,” “Go Way from My Window” and “Homeward Bound.” Bass Ensembles included “A-Roving,” “Fergus an Molly” and “Ticket to the Kingdom.”

Also receiving a 1st were Madrigals and Vocal Solos by Flor Delao, Eulysses Preciado, Emilio Raya, Karsyn Klatt, Olivia Ross, Faith Anderson, Matthew Grenter, Rachel Brandner, Amaya Olivas, Maddy Pappas, Lily Linden, Laura Arenz, Maya Martin, Karli Miars and Bonnie Hall.

Students receiving a 2nd place rating were “Ascribe to the Lord” treble ensemble; Naitzy Garcia, vocal solo; Albert Harris, vocal solo; and Mia Raya, vocal solo.


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