School board discusses superintendent position

PAW PAW – The Paw Paw School Board met on Sept. 16.

Eighth grade teacher Dave Alstadt explained how he is teaching students to use computer technology, art, imagination and math to design a three-fold brochure to publicize an event. Another project was constructing a spreadsheet comparing NFL starting offensive players’ weights to the Chicago Bears players.

A different teacher will give a presentation each month at the School Board meetings.

Next month Junior High teacher Kristin Hall will give a S.T.E.M. presentation with students.

Superintendent Epperson has been communicating with Indian Creek High School, coordinating emergency days; discussing with the bus driver how to handle any discipline problems on the bus, and who will have jurisdiction.

ICHS has added a fourth volleyball team to give more playing time. They may possibly add a fourth boys’ basketball team.

On Oct. 11 there will be a DeKalb County Teachers’ Institute in Sycamore to which Paw Paw teachers are invited. At the completion of the instructional presentations, a CPR course will be given.

Epperson is updating job descriptions for the district. He will submit his definitions each month, this month presenting the administrative positions of superintendent, principal, bookkeeper, treasurer and secretary. Future reformatting will be completed for instructive staff and Ssupportive staff.

The demolition of the portable classrooms is being investigated. First step will be to have an inspection for asbestos, which would affect the estimate for removal.

The board is considering eLearning Days, in event of foul-weather school closing. E-learning in this case, would be students working at home on their computer, and completing assignments for the day missed.

Future plans for the district administrative structure are being considered. Choices include to have one person act as superintendent and principal; to have a part-time superintendent; to have a superintendent shared with another district; or to have two separate people as superintendent and principal. Each solution has its drawbacks, the biggest problem being enticing someone to come and work part-time in the district, or someone willing to take on two roles. Sharing with another district would mean that person would have to manage two different districts, and report to two different school boards.

The contract with Trane was approved for roof, lighting, controls, and weatherproofing.

The School Improvement Committee reported that the mentoring program is going smoothly. The mentor is accountable for feedback both to the new teacher and administration. The teacher mentor job description and stipend rate was approved, with a stipend of $400.

Elementary and Middle School staff are working together to encourage school spirit.

Discussions are under way to establish a “go-to” person when Principal Phillips is out of the office. It was suggested that the position be rotated throughout the teaching staff. This person would continue teaching when occupying this role, but would be the one to manage any principal’s duties, if occurring.

The resolution for financing energy performance contract was approved.

Replacement of the HVAC compressors by Honeywell was approved.

The purchase of a 59-passenger bus was approved.

The fiscal year 2020 operating budget was approved.