School board discusses maintenance, curriculum

PAW PAW – The Paw Paw School Board held a meeting on May 20.

The Building and Grounds committee are negotiating the final TRANE contract for school improvements, and researching additional options for completing needed improvements.

One of the first priorities for the school complex is replacing the elementary wing roof. A solar-panel company has stated they would install solar panels free of charge on a profit sharing basis which would yield energy savings for the district.

The air-conditioning originally proposed for installation in the cafeteria and high school gym may be removed from the negotiated TRANE proposal.

It was suggested that the school grounds need more trees planted, to provide shade in the future.

The sidewalk in front of the school by the street parking was damaged when repairing a broken water line last year. The board is hoping to have it replaced by the Village in the near future.

The prevailing wage resolution for the 2019-2020 school year was approved.

The student handbook for the 2019-2020 school year was approved.

Bids are being taken for providing fuel, dairy and bread products for the coming school year.

Ms. Phillips reported there are currently three elementary and five junior high students who have missed more than 10 percent of the school year. There are seven students with perfect attendance.

Fire, tornado, and intruder drills were conducted in the last week. Officials reported that the staff and students responded wonderfully.

Indian Creek Curriculum Director/Technology Strategist Paula Kennedy has invited the teachers to the DeKalb County Teachers’ Institute.

The school is taking student applications for summer jobs.

Indian Creek is giving our school 100 Chrome Books; they should be cleared and ready for use by July 1.

Paw Paw’s curriculum in math is the same as Indian Creek’s. The teachers are satisfied with the reading curriculum well-preparing the children for Indian Creek High School. Staff is working to align the science and social studies curricula with Indian Creek’s.