School board continues talks with Indian Creek

PAW PAW – The Paw Paw School Board held a regular meeting on July 16.

Members of the Indian Creek school board and administration attended the meeting and answered questions about the tuition negotiations. IC was basing their suggested tuition on the Per Capita Tuition Cost (PCTC) per student in their District, while PP was basing theirs on the Instructional Spending per student. Paw Paw must still consider the PCTC cost for its District. If Paw Paw were to send their high school students to IC, the district could save the instructional cost, but there will still be building costs, bonds and interest payments, administrative salaries to pay, as well as the additional cost of transporting the students to Indian Creek. The Paw Paw Board’s primary concern is balancing the cost of sending student to IC while also maintaining the elementary K-8. This would have to be done without jeopardizing the quality education for the lower grades while also providing opportunities for the older students. Discussions will continue. The board noted that although the negotiation process has been intensive and long, it has been thoughtful and respectful

Bimbo Bakeries of Peoria have been approved as the bread supplies provider for the coming school year.

The Leadership Committee will reassemble at the beginning of the school year to set School Goals.

PowerSchool technology for student management will conduct a presentation for staff in the coming months.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield has changed the policy they provide from a $3,000 deductible to a $4,000 deductible, with no change in fees.

The high school gym cleaning and floor resurfacing has been completed.

Administration offices have been reassigned as follows:

Emmy Truckenbrod, district bookkeeper, will now occupy the former Principal’s office in the high school wing.

Cara Cooper and Patty Torman, administrative secretaries, will now be situated in the central office area in the high school wing.

Superintendent Adcock will be using the former nurse’s office.

Eve Phillips, school counselor and dean of students, will be in the former superintendent’s office in the elementary wing.

The school nurse, Jody Wilhelm, will be located in the center of the former district office.

Doug Lamb has been hired as year-round building and ground maintenance.

There will be a mandatory sports meeting for all high school students intending to participate in fall sports. It will held be at Indian Creek High School on Tuesday, July 31 at 6 p.m. At this meeting will be discussed, among other things, student transportation for summer practices and games. Interested parents and students should refer to the Indian Creek Athletic Calendar link on the Paw Paw School’s website