Residents to receive larger garbage totes

MENDOTA – At the June 18 Mendota City Council meeting, a seven-year contract for garbage collection was awarded to Republic Services.

According to James Pozzi, municipal sales manager for Republic Services, all city residents will be issued new garbage and recycle totes on or before the week of Aug. 13. Pozzi said Republic Services will deploy new 95-gallon carts to each resident – one for weekly trash pickup and one for every-other-week recycling pickup.

Mendota residents currently use 65-gallon totes for their garbage. Pozzi indicated that residents may request to go back to the 65-gallon size after being issued the 95-gallon container, but Republic Services asks that residents give the larger carts at least a 60-day trial period before deciding to opt for the smaller container.

“We ask them to wait the 60 days because the carts are designed to not only handle the day-to-day material, but also those times where the residents have additional trash and recycling like holidays, birthday parties and weekend gatherings,” noted Pozzi.

Pozzi said the request for a 65-gallon tote will not be limited to just senior citizens or people with disability, but in fact anyone can choose the smaller size. However, he did emphasize that the 95-gallon carts are easy to handle and maneuver.

Pozzi said when the time comes and a person wants the smaller tote, they should contact the Mendota City Clerk’s office and be placed on the list to have their carts switched out. The City will then contact Republic Services with that list.

Pozzi added that when the new containers are dropped in August, there will be information for residents accompanying the containers.

“We ask that everyone read the brochure that will be attached to the carts upon delivery,” said Pozzi. “This details the new service and has a lot of information that will help to answer many of the questions residents may have.”

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