Prodzenski ties for second in spelling bee

Representing Paw Paw in the Jr. 10 Conference Spelling Bee, left to right, are Shayne Prodzenski, Aiden Znaniecki, Alyssa Adkins, Hannah Nitz, and Lilliane Brower. (Photo contributed)

PAW PAW – Shayne Prodzenski placed in a three-way 2nd place finish in the Jr. 10 Conference Spelling Bee on March 20. He correctly spelled crooked, affirmation, anecdote, labyrinthine, raillery, tête-à-tête, Kilimanjaro, and humane in the first eight rounds. He misspelled escabeche, but was brought back to participate again because the other remaining spellers were also eliminated in the same round. He and his fellow spellers were all eliminated in two more rounds where Shayne misspelled terroir and muesli. Shayne correctly spelled surname in the 12th round, but misspelled receptacle in his final round.

Aiden Znaniecki was eliminated in the second round. He correctly spelled Bollywood, but misspelled callous.

Alyssa Adkins was eliminated in the third round. She correctly spelled grocery and annoyance, but misspelled massacres.

Hannah Nitz was eliminated in the second round. She correctly spelled bookmobile, but misspelled boisterously.

Lilliane Brower was eliminated in the second round. She correctly spelled disengage, but misspelled ricochet.

The Paw Paw team tied for 4th place with Newark.

Top five individuals were: 1st place- Madeline Short (Somonauk), 2nd place- Shayne Prodzenski (Paw Paw), 2nd place- Josephine Wilson (Indian Creek), 2nd place- Rachel Sobatta (HBR), and 5th place- Paxon Maple (Newark)

School team places were: 1st place- Somonauk (18 points), 2nd place- HBR (16 points), 3rd place- Indian Creek (15 points), 4th place- Paw Paw (13 points), 4th place- Newark (13 points), 5th place- Serena (Serena), 6th place- Earlville (7 points), and 7th place- Leland (4 points)