Playground installation volunteer day Aug. 17

PAW PAW – The Village of Paw Paw held a regular meeting on July 10.

The Village renewed its Capital Improvement CD for continued investment.

The installation of the new playground equipment at Rogers Park has been delayed due to all the rain. It is hoped that before Aug. 17 accomplishments will be: to remove gravel, dig holes for support posts, and cement poured for the beams.

Access to the park will be closed while construction and installation are in progress.

A volunteer weekend to install the equipment is planned for Saturday, Aug. 17.

Anyone available is urged to please come and help set up the new equipment.

It was noted that Tim Brower is doing a great job as the new town groundskeeper.

A resident pointed out that the street gutters along the western edge of Chicago Road need to be cleaned, as vegetation is growing there.

Barbara Gardine, the new Paw Paw seniors’ activity director, has ordered a new bingo set, and new prizes. She has provided a new water cooler for Community Building activities.

LifeScape director Kathy Meyer communicated that there is currently no funding for meals in our town. There will be a meeting in Dixon of the Council on Aging on Aug. 12.

After a resident receives notice that their vegetation is too high, they have 24 hours to mow it, or be fined. A lien can be put on the house to collect the fine.

Notice of mosquito spraying will be given.

The Village Board meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Library meeting room at the Community Center. The next meeting will be Aug. 14.