Paw Paw Village Board hears request for street paving

Paw Paw Village Board

PAW PAW – The Paw Paw Village Board met recently and handled numerous items of business.

The Seniors’ exercise time has been changed to 10:30 a.m., effective July 18.

A potential buyer for the property behind 619 Chicago Road, east of Eighth Street, has inquired to the possibility of paving Eighth Street for 561 feet. A search committee will research the cost and impact of such an undertaking.

Beaver Den requested permission to close Chicago Road the evening of Saturday, Sept. 3 for a street dance on Labor Day weekend. Permission was granted.

Residents are reminded that trees, branches and bushes may not encroach on the public sidewalk. Residents are responsible for keeping flora trimmed, and keeping public access passable.

The court hearing date for the properties at 322 Wheeler St. and 311 Chicago Road has been extended. The next hearing will be Aug. 31.

The Gazebo roof in Veterans’ Park has been repaired.

A memorial garden has been planted in Veterans’ Park to honor Nancy Mlynski, owner of the Velvet Butterfly, who died in November.

Algonquin Power Co. applied for a building permit to erect a building behind the Paw Paw village maintenance shop on Wheeler Street.

Lee County is discussing new ordinances to regulate the use of UTVs.


New Book Club could be formed

Paw Paw Library is seeking to ascertain if anyone would like a daytime book club. For those interested in the “Read Anything Book Club,” but are unable to attend because of the day or time, please contact Barbara or Kathy at the library, 815-627-9396. They are interested in getting feedback from people, teens and adults, to see if starting another book club would be beneficial to the community.

Currently, the book club meets in the Paw Paw Library the third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m.