Paw Paw students prepare to attend Indian Creek High School

PAW PAW – The Paw Paw School Board of Education met on Nov. 19.

Mary Curtis asked the board if she could be allowed to use one of the school’s classrooms for a private class on “Parasites in camelids” in February.

Indian Creek Superintendent Chad Willis addressed the meeting, stating his District is excited and looking forward to welcoming the high school students next school year.

He said there will be quarterly presentations by his district, or at whatever interval that is agreed upon with the Paw Paw School Board, and he is open for any questions we may have. I.C.H.S. Principal Sarah Montgomery explained that they will be determining the incoming students needs and wants.

A course offerings and selection meeting at Indian Creek High School was held on Dec. 4.

Letters were sent to all Paw Paw students/families with the course selection night information. There will be an open house in August for all students to be able to walk their daily schedule, listen to highlights of programming and expectations, and check out their locker locations. I.C. Guidance Counselor Alyx Bickel and I.C. Special Education Director Jennifer Darlinger said they do not anticipate any major difficulties in integrating the students, and will be consulting with Paw Paw’s present staff. Curriculum Coordinator Paula Kennedy said she coordinates curriculum assessments and professional development for the District.

Mr. Adcock explained the new Federal School policy of “Every Student Succeeds Act,” replacing the previous “No Child Left Behind.” Whereas NCLB measured a school’s success by specific rating of test scores, ESSA will be measuring how much a child has improved. Every student should be engaged, supported, and challenged. The Illinois State Board of Education will be guiding the implementation of this new policy. Tax payers are advised to check out the link on our Facebook page “Paw Paw CUSD #271,” for the “Illinois Report Card,” and refer to the school’s website

Guidance Counselor Eve Phillips has been encouraging school attendance by recognizing students and classes that have had perfect attendance. PAWS awards have been given out for students caught being “PAWS-itive.”

The school is looking into estimates for installing an electronic sign in front of the school for the posting of notices.