Paw Paw School Board meets

PAW PAW – Several items were discussed at a recently Paw Paw School Board meeting.

A preliminary draft of the results of the merger feasibility study was received by the board. Currently, Earlville is a non-tax-capped district, and Paw Paw is a tax-capped district. When the ruling on which a new district would be (capped or non-capped, usually decided by the State), the final study will be submitted.

A contract with RK Dixon for maintenance and supplies for our copiers and printers was approved.

IHSA membership for the 2017-2018 school year was approved.

Obtaining substitute-calling software was discussed. One possibility would be to have all potential subs have an app installed on their phones. Another possibility is the AESOP program, which would facilitate contacting subs on-line.

Under discussion is the PPJH/HS class schedule for 2017-2018. Three different options are being considered, depending on teacher availability.

Approval was granted for the Junior Class and their volunteers to repaint the cafeteria.

Mr. Adcock will attend an asbestos training and management seminar in Bloomington.

Summer repair work will include replacing the sidewalks at the elementary entrance, and the south junior high entrance.

The cafeteria’s old water softener and small freezer have been replaced. The school is seeking a new washer and dryer, also.

Thirteen students have been approved for enrollment in IVVC next school year.

PARCC testing will begin after spring break, April 10-20.

The SAT will be administered April 5.