Paw Paw School Board discusses preschool options and possible soccer co-op

PAW PAW - A presentation was given by Todd Ervin of Bushue Human Resources during the Feb. 17 Paw Paw School Board meeting. Ervin detailed the services offered by Bushue Human Resources, which specializes in risk management outsourcing, such as monitoring HR related employment law, the complexities of employment insurance, and appropriate actions to be taken.

Also speaking was Anji Garza of the Regional Office of Education, who explained the Illinois State Board of Education’s IL-EMPOWER initiative and quality framework document. She explained that supporting students begins with a commitment to ensure all children have access to quality learning opportunities and the resources needed for success and that children learn in multiple environments starting with the home, school and community.

IL-EMPOWER is a statewide system of differentiated supports and accountability to improve student learning, achieve excellence, and help ensure equitable outcomes. Its purpose is to leverage schools’ strengths to meet student needs. In partnership with professional learning providers, IL-EMPOWER facilitates a process with schools to address the developmental needs of the whole child including social-emotional, physical health, and development. The purpose is to empower schools with a choice and a voice. It guides schools to continuously identify needed areas/challenges and to monitor, evaluate and implement their improvement standards. It suggests guiding questions for groups to use in open, honest conversations.


  • Minutes from the Jan. 20 board of education meeting may be viewed at 2paws.netwebsite.
  • Dr. Gibson is investigating the feasibility of working with local preschool programs to provide opportunities for Paw Paw families. It is unlikely that the district will qualify for any state funding to support a preschool program.
  • Mrs. Phillips is going to connect with Paw Paw’s high schoolers to discuss how the students want to spend existing activity fund money that they generated while students at Paw Paw.
  • The district is exploring various options to obtain input from Paw Paw’s high school students regarding their experiences at Indian Creek High School.
  • Principal Phillips will visit the Winnebago schools to view their Acellus program.
  • Paraprofessionals have taken training from the Regional Office of Education on days when teachers are working on school improvement planning.
  • Mrs. Phillips reported that Mr. Irving attended an athletic conference meeting and learned that most schools in the conference are likely to join the Illinois Elementary School Association. If this happens, Paw Paw will be forced to adjust seasons for girls basketball and volleyball whether we join the IESA or not.
  • It was suggested that we increase the salary for substitute bus drivers to be closer to the daily rate for our regular bus drivers.
  • The board discussed the possibility of a co-op for junior high soccer. Trese McNinch, junior high soccer coach, attended the meeting and suggested the possibility of creating a co-op with Amboy. The program would continue to be hosted in Paw Paw. After discussion, the board directed the administration to work with the Amboy administration to develop a co-op agreement.
  • Eighth grade graduation was set for Friday, May 22. The graduates will wear purple caps and gowns purchased by the District.
  • Junior high awards night will be Thursday, May 14.
  • Lee County Special Education Association has inquired about the possibility of leasing space in the middle school wing.
  • The District submitted a request for a state school maintenance grant.