Paw Paw School Board discusses high school deactivation, invites input

PAW PAW - The Paw Paw CUSD 271 Board of Education held their regular board meeting on Oct. 19 with all board members present, as well as administration, staff and several community members.

During open session, the deactivation of the high school was discussed and a resolution was passed. The resolution states the following:

  • We are in a current agreement with Indian Creek until 2023.
  • We will continue to collaborate with Indian Creek.
  • We will be conducting a survey for our current high school students and their parents.
  • We will be providing members of the Paw Paw community several opportunities to provide input to the board related to the current status of the high school program.
  • The Board will consider all feedback provided by students, parents, and members of the community as well as results from the survey to make a decision regarding the most effective educational program for our high school students.
  • The board will also discuss at future meetings any other studies to help facilitate the decision-making process.

All of the above information was discussed during open session and the board is not proposing anything at this time other than to listen to all stakeholders. There is no intent by the Board of Education to keep the community out of any discussions. There is no intent to sway the Board of Education to push this to the ballot or not push it to the ballot.

The Board of Education has stated that they are open to all feedback (positive and negative) and decide next steps. Per state law, the deactivation agreement is for two years and must be renewed every two years. Any topics that come from these discussions will be determined via meetings, shared with the public during regular board meetings, community forums, etc. If there are any questions regarding the high school deactivation, please feel free to reach out to any board member, use the community “ask a question” link found on their website ( or attend any regular scheduled board meetings. The board welcomes any feedback and their goal is to always be transparent and honest with all stakeholders of Paw Paw CUSD #271, especially when making any decisions to improve educational systems and the school district.

Community forum Nov. 9

The second community forum meeting was held Nov. 9. Attendees had the opportunity to voice concerns and questions regarding school activities, and busing high school students from Indian Creek’s after-school activities was brought up as a concern. It was also announced that the Indian Creek School Board meets on the second Monday of each month.

Parents of students who are or have attended ICHS voiced wholehearted support of what is offered to the students there, academically, socially and athletically.

Elementary students’ parents voiced support for current teachers, stating they are open, enthusiastic and involved.

The Paw Paw CUSD #251 School Board customarily meets the third Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. Due to the holiday, the next meeting will be on Dec. 14. Meetings are open to the public. The board’s goal is to communicate as much as possible regarding any forum or scheduled meeting.

Information regarding school news is distributed to the community via the Chicago Road Shopper, Village marquee, Paw Paw CUSD #271 Facebook page, Paw Paw CUSD website (, the Bulldog Bulletin, and the weekly update from the principal.

Copies of the Bulldog Bulletin are available online and at the village library. Extra copies of The Chicago Road Shopper are available at the Post Office.

A form for community members to submit questions or concerns to the board is available on the school’s website at

The next community open forum will be held on Tuesday, Jan. 11, 2022.