Paw Paw news for Aug. 30

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PPHS welcomes Turkish exchange student

Paw Paw High School gives a warm welcome to their newest member, Turkish exchange student, Esra Dogan. The U.S. Department of Defense awards Exchange Student Scholarships each year to deserving students from abroad. These students stay in the U.S. for one school year, and come from either the former Soviet Union or Muslim countries. The purpose is to exchange knowledge and understanding of cultures, and to create friendships between countries through these young ambassadors. Out of 2,000 Turkish applicants, Esra is one of 45 who received this scholarship. The criteria was high grades; community service; understanding of the English language; and letters of recommendation from teachers. Esra will be a member of PPHS Class of 2018.

LEOS need marchers

The Paw Paw LEOs are in need of marchers for the Labor Day Parade. The marchers would be moving with the Lions float as Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Munchkins. Sign up for the event is posted at the school nurse’s office. Any members of the LEO group is welcome to volunteer for this position.

New Paw Paw Website

The town of Paw Paw now has a website to give locals contact and event information. The website can be reached at

Red Hats tour scouting museum

The Windfarm Red Hats visit Ottawa. Sixteen members lunched at the C230 restaurant and then toured the Ottawa Archival and Scout Museum this month. Hosts for the event were Mary Stufflebeam and Queen Mother Claudette Bettner.