OSF Healthcare requesting community input on Health Needs Survey

MENDOTA – OSF HealthCare is requesting help from the local community to determine and prioritize health needs. An online survey is now available at https://bradley.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_24feYM2ADBQ5Oxo and will remain available through October.

“Health care needs and obstacles vary from county to county across our state,” said Dawn Trompeter, president of OSF Saint Elizabeth Medical Center and OSF Saint Paul Medical Center. “Through this survey, we hope to gather information from a large number of LaSalle County citizens. This information will help us focus our efforts on the challenges and opportunities unique to our geographic area so we can improve lives, encourage wellness, and reduce the risk of illness.”

OSF HealthCare hospitals conduct community health needs assessments every three years and put together plans to meet the community needs that the assessments identify. After data is collected and each community's health needs are prioritized, leadership and caregiver teams at OSF HealthCare work together to further support current community-based health programs and services and start new programs to help meet the needs for each community.

“For example, our last survey identified that (1) active living, (2) healthy eating, (3) behavioral health, and (4) substance abuse continues to be the greatest opportunities for improvement in our community,” Trompeter noted. “We took feedback from the survey and, through a collaborative approach, we worked with several community partners to provide education to residents in LaSalle County. The COVID-19 pandemic slowed down some of these activities in 2020, but we look forward to resuming our previous level of activity soon.”

The OSF HealthCare survey period is Sept. 1 through the month of October. For more information, visit osfhealthcare.org/about/community-health or contact Lindsey Pyszka at (815) 431-5496 or Ellen Vogel at (815) 673-4528.



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