New Sublette Board conducts first full meeting

SUBLETTE — The newly sworn in Sublette Village Board, led by President Michael Vaessen, handled a full agenda on May 8 at the Ellice Dinges Center. All board members were present.

The first item of business was to approve the minutes from the special meeting, held on April 27, after a correction was made noting that Scott Hanson was to be co-signer on all Village accounts. The Treasurer’s Report was approved after it was agreed by the Board to put the maturing Certificates of Deposit into the General Fund checking until after the committee meetings are held and decisions made regarding projects that need to be done.

Appointments were made: Treasurer - Theresa Wilson; Economic Development Coordinator - Don Dinges; Attorney - Dixon & Giesen Law Office, Kelly Flessner; CPA for Annual Audit - Hopkins & Associates; Park Board: Chris Leffelman – Chair, Tyler Jackson and Nick Wilson; Planning Commission: Nick Dinges – Chair, Matt Stephenitch and Jake Lewis; Village Trustee Committee Assignments: Street, Alley and Sidewalk: Brian Wilson – Chair, Scott Hanson and Richard Klaser; Water, Garbage and Drainage: Jerry Leffelman – Chair, Brian Wilson and Richard Klaser; Village Property, EDC and Park: Richard Klaser – Chair, Brian Wilson and Laura Jackson; Finance and License: Scott Hanson – Chair, Julie Kessel, Jerry Leffelman and Theresa Wilson; Law and Order, Employee Relations and Contracts: Julie Kessel – Chair, Scott Hanson and Jerry Leffelman; Economic Development, Beautification and Celebrations: Laura Jackson – Chair, Julie Kessel, Richard Klaser and Don Dinges

The maintenance report was given, noting the many projects being done through the village. Everyone agreed the village was being well cared for.

The water report noted that some filters and meters will need to be purchased. Leffelman presented a proposal that was submitted to clean the water tower. The project would take two days and the cost was reported at $9,500. The project will be discussed at the water, garbage and disposal committee meeting later this month.

New business included a reading of a resolution by Charles Dana of Rock River Energy Services Co. that would give Vaessen the authority to enter into a contract for electric aggregation on behalf of the village. The current contract expires in July. The resolution would make it less cumbersome to join with other municipalities to get the best rates. The board approved the resolution.

Hanson passed out flyers from USG Corporation that were part of a promotion the company did about the Sublette Community Building remodel. He reported that the project’s video on the company Facebook page received more likes than any other project they had done.

Other items that had been done within the last week were the changing of the locks at Ellice Dinges Center and the purchase of Quickbooks Pro 2017.

The only committee report was the economic development report. Dinges reported that the Cruise ‘n Show would be Saturday, May 13. The new laundromat should be open by the end of May. There will be a Memorial Day service at 11 a.m. on May 29 at the Ellice Dinges Center. Plans are underway for the 2018 Toy Show dinner.

No other reports were available since the new committees will be meeting later this month.

After approving the monies to pay bills, the meeting adjourned.