MMHS hosts guest speaker, Mark Walcynski

MENDOTA – The Mendota Museum & Historical Society will host Mark Walcynski, guest speaker, at its 2018 opening program at the Hume-Carnegie Museum on Sunday, March 4 at 1 p.m.

Walcynski will present “Completely Different, Exactly the Same.”

The cultural, technological, and economic aspects of 21st century American commerce and lifestyles are compared and contrasted with those of the Native Americans who once inhabited the western Great Lakes and the Illinois Country. Surprising similarities abound including the type of watercraft used, symbolism, and more. This is a great introductory lesson into the French-Native American fur trade of today’s Illinois and how things have not really changed that much since those days.

Walczynski is a published author, researcher, and historian of the 17th century French and Native American period in Illinois and the western Great Lakes region.