MHS sends Class of 2023 out into the world

Carlos Olivas and Alayna Nosalik, seated, wait patiently as their classmates file into the gymnasium for the Mendota High School graduation ceremony on May 13. (Reporter photo)

MENDOTA – Mendota High School recognized 120 members of the Class of 2023 at commencement exercises on May 13 in the MHS gymnasium.

After the class members filed into the gym to the processional played by the MHS band, principal Denise Aughenbaugh gave the welcome address. She said the faculty and staff of MHS are proud of the accomplishments made by the students over the last four years and what they have done to make MHS a better place.

“To the Class of 2023, thank you for your many contributions to Mendota High School,” Aughenbaugh said. “I wish that you continue to persevere and challenge yourself to become the best version of yourself. We need your leadership and determination.

“As Nelson Mandela said, ‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.’ Take this diploma, continue your education in college and career and life, and make this world a better place.”

Naitzy Garcia, student council president, spoke to her classmates, after which scholarships and awards were presented to members of the Class of 2023. Recipients were:

James Dankenbring Scholarship - Naitzy Garcia and Garret Zinke; First State Bank Scholarship - Isabelle Escatel and Garret Zinke; Rodolfo Escatel Castaneda Memorial Hispanic Scholarship - David Garcia; OSF HealthCare Saint Paul Medical Center Staff Scholarship – Alexis Finley; American Legion Award - Isabelle Escatel, Abby Kunz and Avery Pierce; Ben Bokus Memorial Scholarship - Emma Schultz; Clara Cypreansen & Alfred O. Jacob Scholarship - Karli Miars; Jason Kent Johnson Memorial Scholarship – Katie Jenner; Morris Morgan Scholarship - William Bentley; Oden Jordal/Kiwanis Club Scholarship - Kari Miars; Scott Rider Scholarship - Neal Linden;

State Seal/Commendation of Biliteracy – Edgar Arteaga, Yasmeen Camarillo, Alex Casas, Johnathan Cortez, Flor Delao, Abril Diaz, Isabelle Escatel, Alexis Finley, Naitzy Garcia, Isaac Guzman, Yanely Guzman, Charles Heiting, Juana Hernandez, Iker Landeros, Martin Murillo, Carlos Olivas, Ricardo Orozco, Mia Raya, Nathan Ruiz, Angela Sandoval, Kailey Zamora, Kathy Zamora;

High Honor Academic Graduates – William Bentley, Melaina Bierwirth, Isabelle Escatel, Alexis Finley, Abby Kunz, Neal Linden, Carlos Olivas, Avery Pierce.

Next, Isabelle Escatel addressed her classmates as High Honor speaker, followed by comments from Jim Lauer, school board president. Superintendent Jeff Prusator provided remarks and the presentation of the Class of 2023, and then Aughenbaugh read the students’ names as they filed across the stage to receive their diplomas from Lauer.

Senior class president Karsyn Klatt concluded the ceremony with a speech to her classmates, who gave a rousing send-off by hurling their caps into the air, having completed their obligation as high school students. The MHS band played the recessional as the new MHS alums exited the gymnasium.

Students receiving their diplomas were:

Karli Althaus, Laura Arenz, Eli Arjes, Edgar Arteaga, Lupita Arteaga, Brooke Bailey, Faith Baratta, Hope Baratta, Bryan Barragan, Jose Belmonte, William Bentley, Kendall Biers, Melaina Bierwirth, Emily Blanchard, Brayden Boelk, Clay Buffington, Kevin Bugarin, Yasmeen Camarillo, Moises Carlos, Jackson Carr, Jacob Carr, Alex Casas, Kevin Castaneda, Dakota Chase;

Anthony Childs, Riley Cocanour, Jordan Coney, Marco Coronel, Johnathan Cortez, Camila Costas, Flor Delao, Juan Delao, Alexa DeLaTorre, Drake Dennis, Abril Diaz, David Dye, Emma Elston, Mallary Elston, Cayden Escatel, Isabelle Escatel, Nicholas Escatel, Alexis Finley, Hayden Fox, Eliza Gambrell, David Garcia, Naitzy Garcia, Lilly Gehant, Conner George;

Zachary Giberson, Denisha Gomez, Isaac Guzman, Yanely Guzman, Daniel Hanson, Zoe Hanson, Albert Harris, Charles Heiting Juana Hernandez, Mackenzie Hoffman, Katie Jenner, Julian Jordan, Kevin Kain, Jacob Kelley, Addyson Kerr, Karsyn Klatt, Landon Kreiser, Julia Krueger, Abby Kunz, Iker Landeros, Makayla Lara, Neal Linden, Trace Lundeen, Greg Mann;

Braden McPheeters, Anthony Melendez, Karli Miars, Jack Mikolasek, Matthew Miller, Christopher Molina, Carmen Mora, Logan Muller, Martin Murillo, Alayna Nosalik, Carlos Olivas, Jesus Orozco, Ricardo Orozco, Owen Ossman, Gladys Payan, Avery Pierce, Joseph Quiroga, Jacelyn Radomski, Lilly Ramey, Mia Raya, Jose Rocha, Rafael Romero, Matthew Rubio, Nathan Ruiz;

Dillon Sanders, Angela Sandoval, Emma Schultz, Talya Schwaegerman, Isaac Smith, Samuel Sondgeroth, Dominik Stamberger, Theron Stanford, Emily Stewart, Ryne Strouss, Kevin Swope, Paislee Tillman, Jasiel Watson, Jenn Weaver, Logan Weaver, Logan West, Vladimir Wilstead, Kekai Witty, Tony Wright, Madison Younglove, Kailey Zamora, Kathy Zamora, Garret Zinke, Gracie Zinke.

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