McConville is all about community participation

Tim McConville, center, received the 2023 Horace Hume Outstanding Service Award at the Mendota Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner and Awards Night Friday, Nov. 3 at the Elks Lodge. Presenting him the award are MACC President/CEO Sam Setchell, left, and 2022-23 MACC Board President Evan Wixom. (Reporter photo by Brandon LaChance)

Long-time First State Bank president bestowed Hume Outstanding Service Award


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MENDOTA – Tim McConville was enjoying the Mendota Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Dinner and Awards Night on Friday, Nov. 3 just like all the rest.

The First State Bank president sat at the FSB table with his wife Lori and a gathering of his employees through dinner and the usual festivities.

Then it was award time and MACC Board President and FSB Loan Officer Evan Wixom began to announce who the 2023 Horace Hume Outstanding Service Award winner was.

Wixom got to the first accomplishment under McConville’s community resume and McConville pieced together that he was the winner.

“When Evan said a 1973 Mendota High School graduate, that was the tipoff that I might be the winner of the award,” said McConville. “Soon as he said 1973, I looked around to see how many people were that old. That’s when I got worried.

“I never really thought I’d win the award. I was caught off guard. I was surprised when my family walked in also. It was neat to have my family there. They have their lives also, so it was nice for them to be come.

“There were a lot of surprises that came my way. I was numb for the most part and going through the motions. Getting the Horace Hume Award is great. It’s a great award to receive. It’s all very good.”

After McConville graduated from MHS, he went to Illinois State University where he received a degree in agriculture business even though his original intent was to teach math and coach baseball and wrestling.

Once he graduated and was looking for a job, he walked into First State Bank for the first time.

“My neighbor was an agriculture loan officer at First State Bank. I came in and asked if he knew of any jobs in the banking world,” said McConville. “He asked me what brought me in to the office. I told him my mother told me to come in. The president and chairmen were in the lobby. They came in and we did an interview right then. It was very sudden.

“A lot of people don’t know this because it’s disguised, but we occupy eight buildings downtown. They look like four different store fronts, but once you go behind the scenes, it’s like one big building. We could have moved to the outside of town and built something, but the downtown has had it tough in small communities. We wanted to stay right here. We have about 80 people that work for First State Bank downtown. It helps a little bit to make the downtown area better.”

McConville has worked for FSB for 45 years and has been the president for the last 30.

Along with his long list of responsibilities he has made sure himself and First State Bank are active members of the community.

McConville is a member of the Elks Lodge, the Optimist/Lions Club, and the Mendota Golf Club. He was the Elks ‘youngest Exalted Ruler and ran a bowling tournament called Elks Masters for 33 years while leading an annual golf fundraiser for the Lions Club for over 30 years.

Throughout the years he has helped with the Mendota Sweet Corn Festival in different fashions, while supporting his FSB staff to do the same thing.

First State Bank sponsors different Mendota organizations, sports, events, and anything else that is a benefit to the “World’s Greatest Little City.”

“I’m happy to do as much as we can in the community. We try to do everything we can to be pro-community and pro-Mendota,” McConville said. “We participate in just about everything we can participate in and try to be big sponsors in anything that makes sense to us.”

After Wixom present the award at the annual dinner, Mendota City Clerk Emily McConville said a few words about the Horace Hume recipient.

After words of respect, congratulations, and thanks, she presented a blown-up photo of Tim McConville and his Halloween costume this year.

“The award is a fantastic honor. It was neat being surprised and embarrassed all at the same time,” Tim McConville said. “The photo is just one of those sins you never quit paying for. I was Malibu Ken for Halloween. It was really funny.”

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