Local schools participate in Curling in Our Schools

TRIUMPH - Several local schools are participating in the Curling in Our Schools program sponsored by the Waltham Curling Club. The program consists of three options for schools:

Option 1: In class presentation on curling history, scoring, and rules.

Option 2 (which is the most popular): Gym curling which is a simulated curling experience in the gym setting with equipment provided by the US Curling Association.

Option 3: On ice experience, which is subject to availability. The program is geared toward middle school or high school students. All options are offered at no cost to the schools.

Waltham Curling Club members Steve Parke and Sheila Heth brought the program to Bureau Valley High School. Five classes (approximately 130 students) were introduced to the history and rules of curling and then had the opportunity to try their hand at a simulated game. Many students enjoyed the opportunity to try something new.

Other schools participating in this program so far include Mendota Northbrook Middle School, Mendota Holy Cross, and Oglesby Holy Family. Any other schools interested in participating should e-mail [email protected] for more information.

Any students ages 8-20 who are interested in trying curling are always welcome to visit the Waltham Curling Club during the Junior Program which runs Sundays throughout the season from 1-4 p.m. or e-mail [email protected].

About Waltham Curling Club

Waltham Curling Club, founded in 1884, is the oldest curling club in Illinois. The club has three sheets of ice, a fully-equipped kitchen, dining area and large viewing room. The curling season begins in November and ends in March. Waltham Curling Club welcomes all levels of experience to their club. They have men’s, women’s, junior’s and mixed leagues as well as bonspiels, open events and instructional sessions. For more information visit www.walthamcurling.org or find Waltham Curling on Facebook.

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