Local group trains in addiction treatment, prevention & recovery

LA SALLE - Volunteers of The Perfectly Flawed Foundation attended a conference in Chicago sponsored by “The Communities Project.”

The training was designed to provide organizations with solutions in addressing addiction, treatment, prevention and recovery within their community.

The Communities Project is a national initiative whose primary goal is training individuals and organizations in communities to more effectively combat addiction.

Organizers of the event included The Perfectly Flawed Foundation, The Gateway Foundation, The Teech Foundation, Chicago Recovering Communities Coalition, Head/Heart Therapy, and Footprints To Recovery.

Luke Tomsha, executive director of Perfectly Flawed, explained that his organization is increasing its efforts to reach those who are affected by with problematic drug and alcohol use. “The conference provided our team with networking tools that help keep us connected to other organizations facing the same challenges,” he said. “We hope these training events provide ideas and resources that empower us in formalizing strategies to develop positive change in our own community.”

Among those attending the Aug. 2 conference from the Perfectly Flawed Foundation were Tomsha; Lauren Data, Pat Baird and Barbara Bushey, volunteers; Veronica Senica-Hawthorne, office manager; and Diane Schallhorn, volunteer outreach coordinator.