LaSalle Co. Recorder seeks re-election in 2020

LA SALLE COUNTY - LaSalle County Recorder Karen L. Miller has announced that she will seek re-election for another four-year term.

Miller took office on Dec. 1, 2016 and since then, the recorder’s office has gone through some organizational changes. Miller reduced the number of personnel in the office from eight to seven and saved the county approximately $23,000 in payroll. She also reduced yearly operational expenses in the office by approximately $19,000.

“As the recorder, it is my responsibility to make sure all land records are accurately and efficiently recorded, and securely preserved in perpetuity,” Miller stated in a press release. “I strive to keep informed and up-to-date on the latest technology, which allows the office to provide improvements in the quality of the information being collected and the accessibility of that information in order to facilitate a safe and secure land records system.”

Miller implemented the Honor Rewards Program for veterans, in which participating businesses offer a discount to veterans visiting those businesses. The office now accepts transfer documents through eRecordings, and walk-in customers are now able to pay for their recordings and/or copies of documents with a credit card.

The office also had numerous changes with legislation such as implementing the new “Predictable Fee” rate schedule, which required analysis of past fees and previously recorded documents; working with the county board on state statute requirements; notification to the public, attorneys, banks, title companies, etc.; and working with the IT Department, recorder’s staff and the program provider to implement the new fees on the office’s software program - all with minimal disruption to the recording process.

“I have become active in the Illinois Association of County Clerks and Recorders’ Legislative Committee,” Miller stated. “I believe being on the Legislative Committee gives me the opportunity to be active in new and revised legislation that directly affects LaSalle County and the recorder’s office. I believe my past work experience in real estate and managing a Title Company (26 plus years) has been a great asset and brought some valuable knowledge in assisting the citizens who call and/or visit the recorder’s office.”

Miller currently lives in Wallace Township with her husband, Mike Miller. She has three children, one stepson, and nine grandchildren. “I am honored to be the LaSalle County Recorder and look forward to serving the citizens of LaSalle County in another term,” she said.


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