Immanuel Lutheran Church hosts Baccalaureate

The centuries-old interdenominational spiritual celebration, the Baccalaureate, was hosted by Immanuel Lutheran Church in Compton on Sunday, May 6. Attending the ceremony, front row, left to right, are Paw Paw High School seniors Esra Dogan, Samantha Ladson, LeeAnn Smith, Cassidy Fairchild and Joshua Mateja; accompanied by, back row, Pastor Dr. Anne Hoflen (Paw Paw First Presbyterian Church), Pastor Jeff Schlesinger (Immanuel Lutheran Church, Compton and First Lutheran Church, Lee), Father Bonaventure Okoro (St. James Catholic Church, Lee), Pastor Dave Holden (Compton United Methodist Church and Paw Paw United Methodist Church), and Pastor Jed Cary (Paw Paw Bible Church). (Photo contributed)