Festive pumpkins

Pumpkins that sparkle

Students in Northbrook School’s preschool and life skills classrooms recently painted or decorated pumpkins. One hundred and twenty-five pumpkins were donated by Country Kids Produce in Peru for the activity. Left to right, Northbrook preschool students, Ayden Stallings, Trenton Cantrell, Logan Jones, and Mayson Desirena show off their sparkly-painted pumpkins.


A pumpkin for everyone

Front row, left to right, Northbrook Life Skills students, Eric Aranda, Emily Blanchard, Dorshay Anderson, Nate DeWaele, Naoemi Valencia, Lissette Sandoval, Jaxson Cooper; back row, Al Hernandez, Orlando Rocha, teacher Maverick Nave, Kekai Witty, Mark Casas, Trevor Inmon, and Jenny Walker hold up their painted pumpkins. Not pictured is Ava Arteaga.


Pumpkin faces

Left to right, Northbrook Life Skills students, Carlos Mora, Lupita Arteaga, Edan Bell, Jesus Escobar, Juan Hernandez, and McKenzie Bierwirth display their decorated pumpkin characters. (Reporter photos by Jennifer Sommer)