Donations sought for antique village building repairs

FRANKLIN GROVE– The Franklin Grove Area Historical Society, which manages Chaplin Creek, a historic village, is hoping to raise the necessary funds to put a steel roof on one of its buildings. One of the buildings donated to the Chaplin Creek historic village was from the Kelley family. It is now home to the local history museum. Over the years the roof has deteriorated to the point where animals have been able to get in and cause damage inside the historic home.

The Franklin Grove Area Historical Society was founded to establish, promote and maintain a society dedicated to the study and preservation of area history. The Society’s function is to research, collect, preserve, and display any artifacts, documents or lands, which illustrate and reflect the Franklin Grove area heritage.

The nine-acre site of Chaplin Creek Village was founded and is supported by the Franklin Grove Area Historical Society. Chaplin Creek Village is an evolving, full-scale historical restoration project depicting a prairie settlement typical of the middle 19th century. Visitors are always welcome.

Donations toward the roof replacement may be sent to: Franklin Grove Area Historical Society, P.O. Box 20, Franklin Grove, IL 61031.