District 289 welcomes new staff

New teachers and administrators to District 289 were recognized at a teacher meeting, Aug. 20. Beginning the new school year at Mendota schools are, left to right, front row, David Lawrence, Lincoln principal; Greg Locascio, 8th grade language arts teacher; second row, Rebecca Guinea, 5th grade teacher; Hanna Halberg, Blackstone and Lincoln Schools social worker; Michelle Spatafora, preschool teacher; third row, Wilson Wright, 8th grade math teacher; EmLee Dooley, Northbrook, cross categorical; Tari Jansen, student services director; fourth row, Antoinette Calhan, 5th grade teacher; Tara Huffaker, 1st grade resource teacher; Natalie Crocker, Blackstone K-1st grade special education teacher; Hanna Gallagher, Blackstone physical education teacher; back row, Nicole Cromwell, 6th grade science teacher; Wrin Sester, Lincoln resource teacher; and Kerry Preston, 5th grade resource teacher. (Photo contributed)