Clean-up, repairs begin at Chaplin Creek Village

FRANKLIN GROVE – The Franklin Grove Area Historical Society met on May 14 at the Franklin Grove Library.

Plans have been made to power-wash the Salt-Box house in Chaplin Creek Village this coming month. May 18 was set as a general clean-up day for the Chaplin Creek Village. The lean-to behind the Blacksmith Forge will be disassembled.

The Chaplin Creek Muzzleloaders asked if they could have any extra lumber that the Society planned to burn, in order to reinforce their shooting backstops. Permission was granted to take what they needed.

The Society is seeking funds to replace the Kelly house roof with a steel roof.

The ruts near the Muzzleloaders shooting range have still not been repaired, due to the soggy weather. The representative from the Muzzleloaders who was present said they would do that this coming weekend.

It was brought to attention that the Muzzleloaders sign which hangs below the Chaplin Creek Village sign at the entrance to the property needs to be repainted. The CCML representative said he will see to that.

It was suggested that instead of meeting every single month in the library, the Society should plan four excursions a year, to broaden knowledge of how other areas display and preserve their history. It would be an outing open to all who may be interested in area history.

The driveway through the Chaplin Creek Village needs to be graded and additional gravel put down.

The Franklin Grove Area Historical Society meets the second Tuesday of each month, at 6 p.m. in the Winifred Knox Library in Franklin Grove. The meetings are open to anyone interested. For more information, contact [email protected]