City's General Fund budget shows positive balance for FY 2019

Water line done to ADM flour mill

MENDOTA – The Mendota City Council passed several budgets that have positive projections during its regular meeting on May 7.

Alderman John Holland gave the figures on the General Fund budget for fiscal year 2019 and the numbers were encouraging. He reported projected revenue at $5,802,408 and estimated expenditures at $5,689,472 for a surplus of $112,936.

In other action from Holland, the council approved the annual wage ordinance at a 2 percent increase across the board, with a few exceptions.

Holland presented a request from the Mendota Area Chamber of Commerce for a fireworks donation for the 4th of July festivities, which will actually be held on Saturday, June 30 at the Lake Mendota area. Holland said the Chamber is planning more activities in hopes of drawing a bigger crowd not only from Mendota but from the surrounding area. The Chamber’s request of $4,000 was approved. It was emphasized that this higher amount was only approved for this year.

The council also approved its annual donation of $3,000 to the Mendota YMCA for its SCAMP program.

Alderman Jim Fitzpatrick reported on the Water and Sewer fund budgets. The Water Fund expenses are estimated to be $1,477,326 and the Sewer Fund expenses are estimated at $1,375,120.

In other action from Fitzpatrick, the council approved hiring Zach Hunt to a full-time position with the Streets and Parks Department.

The council approved a supplemental motor fuel tax maintenance resolution from last year where it received $264 and approved a resolution for maintenance for this year where it received $60,000 under the Illinois Highway Code. Fitzpatrick said the money is mainly for concrete and salt. Also, the council approved a resolution for improvement under the Illinois Highway Code where it will pay its 10 percent share ($140,000) for the First Avenue bridge project. The county will also pay 10 percent and the state will pay the remaining 80 percent.

Also from Fitzpatrick, a request was approved to allow the Mendota High School band to use Veterans Park and close a portion of Sixth Street for an Ice Cream Social on Tuesday, June 26.

Finally, Fitzpatrick said the contractors have finished their work on the East Main Street project and that the water lines have been run and are operational to the ADM flour mill facility under construction east of I-39.

Alderman John Pierson reported on the recommendations from the Plan Commission on two zoning issues. The council approved the Plan Commission’s recommendation to allow the rezoning of 1200 and 1202 Sixth Ave. from M to B3, and approved eliminating the time restrictions for the indoor motorsports facility in the old Motor Wheel building to allow for use all year round.

Also from Pierson, the council agreed to a zoning variance request from Marco Molina at 1208 Main St. and approved a donation request from the Mendota Gardener’s Club for plant boxes. The donation was increased from the $1,000 requested to $1,500.

Alderman Kyle Kim gave a positive report on the Mendota Civic Center budget for FY19. The revenue budget was estimated to be $316,100 and the expenses were projected at $308,120 for a balance of plus $7,980.

Alderman Bill Hunt reported on the police and fire pensions. He said the fire pension showed a 2 percent increase and is funded at 76.1 percent, while the police pension rose 2.3 percent and is funded at 56.5 percent. He said these figures show a fairly decent return on investment and are very positive compared to some other area municipalities.


Mayor David Boelk presented several requests from organizations that were approved by the council. The Illinois Valley Building Trades Council will hold its D.A.D.’s Day fundraiser on Saturday, June 16 at the corner of Main and Meriden streets. At that same location, the Mendota Kiwanis Club will conduct its annual Peanut Days fundraiser on Friday, Sept. 7 and Saturday, Sept. 8.


Police chief Tom Smith informed the council that the police department received a $16,000 grant from the state to purchase cameras for the squad cars that will connect to the body cameras worn by the officers.

The next regular meeting of the Mendota City Council will be Monday, May 21 at 6:30 p.m.

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