City gives report on status of Illinois Ave. buildings after fire

City clerk Emily McConville gives a status report on the Illinois Avenue buildings at the Jan. 16 council meeting.


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MENDOTA – A small group mainly comprised of members of the Imagine Mendota organization were in attendance at the Mendota City Council meeting on Jan. 16 to hear the latest information on the status of the buildings on Illinois Avenue that were severely damaged during the Dec. 29 fire.

During a Public Property Committee meeting after the regular council meeting, city clerk Emily McConville gave an update on the aftermath of the fire. She stated that the city buildings to the south end of the 700 block of Illinois Avenue were not damaged. The brick building that once housed The Mendota Reporter had some smoke damage and there is water in the basement, but the building should be salvageable. She also said the old Meyers Furniture building, which was opened up in order to halt the progression of the fire, may also be saved and a façade put back on.

McConville said the buildings after the old furniture store all the way to Delao’s Restaurant will have to be demolished. One of the buildings that is targeted for demolition was not insured, however, McConville stated that the owner indicated he has the funding to pay for demolition. As for Delao’s, an engineer will look at the building to see if it can be saved. The restaurant sustained smoke and water damage.

McConville said an investigation into the point of origin of the fire is still ongoing. After the investigation is completed, McConville said a plan will be put in place and demolition can begin.

“There are so many pieces of the puzzle that have to be put together,” said Mayor David Boelk. “It comes down to the property owner about how they want to work with us. There are a lot of people involved.”

Prior to the regular meeting, a public hearing was held to discuss and hear testimony in regard to the authorization of a pre-annexation agreement with Kurt and Mary Bruno, 40 N. 42nd Road, Mendota. There was no public comment.

During the regular meeting, the council approved an ordinance authorizing a pre-annexation agreement with Kurt and Mary Bruno at 40 N. 42nd Road.

The next regular meeting of the Mendota City Council will be held on Monday, Feb. 6 at 5:30 p.m.

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