Bureau Co. residents asked to take broadband survey

PRINCETON - For many Illinois residents in rural communities, broadband services are unreliable and inadequate. This makes simple tasks like ordering medications online and accessing educational resources nearly impossible.

The Bureau County Farm Bureau is conducting a survey to assess the broadband service needs of Bureau County residents. The survey results will assist in determining potential next steps to help improve broadband service in areas where it is needed.

In rural communities that lack affordable, high-speed internet, families often struggle to access healthcare, education, and other important information online. Expanding broadband services to those residents connects them with vital resources.

The survey from Bureau County Farm Bureau aims to target those areas where broadband expansion is most needed. To complete the survey, please visit www.surveymonkey.com/r/BureauBroadband. The deadline for survey completion is April 30. 

For assistance filling out the survey, Bureau County residents can contact the Farm Bureau at (815) 875-6468.