Ag-Bag lessons provide fun for kids and parents

Cooper and Chase Hattan check daily on their vegetable sprouts. (Photo contributed)

MARSHALL-PUTNAM - With the move from classroom to home, Ag-Bag lessons have been able to continue offering kids a hands-on learning experience. A collaboration between the University of Illinois Extension Marshall-Putnam Agriculture in the Classroom Program and the Marshall-Putnam Farm Bureau, the Ag-Bag lessons have received a positive response from families.

Abrianne Holler, Extension Ag in the Classroom Community Worker, has received updates from parents on their Ag-Bags at home. One such report came from the parents of Cooper and Chase Hattan of Varna, who said their two sons took their “Let’s Grow at Home” Ag-Bag to the next level. Since the boys had extra tomato and sweet corn seeds, they decided to plant them in half an egg carton. Cooper and Chase both said they look forward to waking up every morning and checking to see if they have any new sprouts.

The whole Hattan family has gotten involved in this project, as well. Carrie, the boys’ mother, noted, “Their dad even got into it and brought in a heat lamp to help them grow.”

The boys plan to transplant their plants into their garden when the weather is warmer.

For more information, contact Abrianne Holler, Ag in the Classroom Community Worker with University of Illinois Extension Marshall-Putnam Office at (815) 224-0889 or by e-mail at [email protected] The Marshall-Putnam Extension Office is located at 509 Front St., Henry. Other extension offices are located in Princeton, Ottawa and in Oglesby on the IVCC campus.