4H senior spotlight - June 17

Madeline-Rose Mudge

LA SALLE COUNTY - The University of Illinois Extension Bureau, LaSalle and Marshall-Putnam 4-H is honoring the seniors of 2020. This week, they are highlighting Madeline-Rose Mudge, a member of the Dimmick Braves 4-H club in LaSalle County.

Madeline-Rose has enjoyed showing horses and cows. She always liked showing livestock and said that was because of her involvement in 4-H. When she was younger, she also took photography and enjoyed that as well.

While in 4-H, Madeline-Rose learned about how to be a leader. “I have always liked helping others and during our meetings us older kids have the opportunity to help the younger ones,” she explained. “I have also learned responsibility from taking care of our animals. I also learned that we should give back to the community and help people that need things more than us.”

Her favorite memories from 4-H are always at the fair. “Every year I look forward to competing with kids that have the same interest as me,” she said. “One memory I have is when I was showing horses for my first time and winning three classes. I remember how excited I was that I won first place.”

Madeline-Rose’s advice to younger 4-H members is to get involved. “Always try something new because you have the opportunity, so don’t throw that away,” she emphasized.

Next year Madeline-Rose will attend Illinois Valley Community College to study agriculture business. After IVCC, she plans to attend Iowa State.

She expressed her thanks to her club leader, Mrs. Rich. “She truly cares so much about the kids. Every year at the fair, she would try to watch all of the kids show and make an effort to take pictures for us,” Madeline-Rose explained. “She is a club leader and an even greater role model.” I

She also thanked the 4-H board for putting on a great fair every year. “This is an event I look forward to every summer. I could not thank you guys enough.”

If you have questions or if you would like information about joining 4-H, e-mail Toni Pienta at [email protected] for LaSalle County, Danielle Gapinski at [email protected] for Bureau County or Anne Scheel at [email protected] for Marshall-Putnam. University of Illinois Extension – Bureau, LaSalle, Marshall, Putnam Unit may be reached by phone at (815) 224-0889.